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We are a family run operation consisting of 80-90 females calved annually. Our replacement heifers are retained to add back into the herd, and yearling bulls are saved for our annual sale.

Our cattle are fed a high roughage diet and free choice VitaFerm mineral. As seed stock producers we demand high quality udders, females able to calve unassisted, and good disposition; as we believe these traits are hereditary and can be passed along to the cattle our customers purchase. 


We firmly believe that cattle should perform with minimal input. With that being said our cow herd and first calf heifers are all run together as one group. If the first calf heifers cannot maintain with the cow herd they do not remain at the ranch. This way of feeding weeds out the poor doers and really makes the best heifers rise to the top.

Our calves are raised on their own dam, we do not creep feed. We want our cows to earn a spot at the top of the herd without supplementation. The only reason there is a creep feeder on the ranch is because of wet conditions in the spring of the year. We use a medicated feed with Deccox to maintain calf health. 


For over 30 years we have been AI-ing cattle, purchasing, and raising top quality herd sires to bring the best possible genetics to the ranch.

The ranch is located north west of Edinburg, ND.

Lewis Red Angus Ranch

Mike & Debbie Lewis

Cody & Chelsey Waslaski

Welcome to Lewis Red Angus Ranch

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